3 Unknown Facts About Chronic Wounds

It’s been two weeks. The deep cut on your leg still won’t heal. In fact, it’s getting larger, looks discolored, and is oozing white stuff. Plus, there’s a strong odor. ...

3 Unexpected Causes Of Shoulder Pain

Usually, when you have shoulder pain, your first thought is probably: “Did I injure myself somehow?”   For many people, the answer to this question is “yes.”   In fact, ...

“The LILI Letter” April

  The ORMC / Heart Center, “Losing It & Loving It” weight loss class & support group newsletter April, Into every life a little rain must fall…as the saying goes. ...


Better Prepared for a Visit to the ER

For many of us, a trip to the Emergency Room can be ...

Halloween Safety – for the Big Kids!

Halloween is right around the corner, and the “kids” are excited! Fact ...

Easy Steps to Bone and Joint Health

Nearly 50% of Americans over the age of 18 are affected by ...

Other Health Topics

Surprising Heart Statistics about Women

    As a woman, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about others. You stress about your husband’s high cholesterol or how he hasn’t been to the doctor in years. You shuttle aging parents to doctor appointments and make sure your kids are getting their shots. But with heart disease as the number [...]

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5 Reasons Why a Colonoscopy is Not so Bad

    The colonoscopy gets a lot of grief, and when you hear some of the horror stories, it’s not surprising. The truth is, it’s not as bad as some of these stories might suggest. More of the fear gets stripped away when you understand how vital this procedure is in preventing colon cancer. The [...]

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“The LILI Letter” March 2015

    The ORMC / Heart Center, “Losing It & Loving It” weight loss class & support group newsletter Which is the only day of the year that’s a verb? March FOURTH of course! The “birth” of spring is like a real birth: lots of bluster, unpredictability and a miracle at the end of it [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Bosses Say No to Flex Time and Working Remotely

    Fortunately for working moms, flex time and working remotely are not just trendy perks reserved for salespeople and tech startups.   Allowing employees to work on their own terms is a major culture shift for most organizations—and it’s here to stay. As far back as 2001, nearly 30% of US workers had flexible schedules, [...]

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This Healthy Protein Is Wildly Popular, But You May Still Be Wondering: What Is Quinoa?

Maybe your co-workers said they had it for dinner last night, or perhaps you saw it on your favorite cooking show. It’s the new superfood everyone is talking about.   In the last decade, quinoa (pronounced keen-WAH) has risen in popularity, peaking when the United Nations declared 2013 to be the “Year of Quinoa.” So, [...]

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